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Art II  
Band/String Ensemble  
Computer Applications

In Computer Applications students are introduced to the language of computer code.  Students complete coding challenges that teach individual concepts and then use those concepts to create their own computer generated drawings, animations and games.  This process helps students develop the technical skills and logical thinking required to code while at the same time allowing them to be creative and to express themselves artistically. 

Reading 6  
Rotation: Art  
Rotation: Computers In the Computers rotation elective class, 6th Grade students get practice in typing skills using the "Typing Club" online program. They utilize the the computer lab to practice iReady skills in both math and Language Arts and practice using Google Classroom so the students get comfortable with its format. In this class, students will learn about new technology, new software programs, and have an opportunity to connect their Computers rotation work with their work from other classes. Projects in this class are always fun and personal to the students so that students have a memorable and enjoyable experience with their peers.
Rotation: Autolearner/Leadership The Autolearner/Leadership rotation elective class for 6th graders focuses on establishing a firm foundation to be a successful student in middle school and beyond. We will study leadership and life skills both in ourselves and in others. We will have some projects that help us explore these skills that include research projects, self reflection, and many others. The quarter-long rotation class is meant to be reflective, but also fun and exciting. Mr. Navarro will be teaching the students and emphasizes a strict but kind approach to operating the class.
Spanish IA  
Spanish 1B  
World Cultures